Micro Games Special : Opening Ceremonies


 The opening ceremonies for the Micro Games was at 4pm on Sunday, July 20. The beginning of the ceremonies started with a procession of the diplomats and high level government officials present at the games. After the introduction, there was a traditional Sakau ceremony to officially begin the festivities.



Following the Sakau ceremony, the athletes processed in according to country or state. The event was held at the PICS High School track which had been newly refurbished for the Games. The states and countries that are participating are all considered part of the Micronesian region. This includes: The Republic of Palau, Nauru, The Northern Mariana Islands, The Federated States of Microneisa (Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae, and Pohnpei), and the Marshall Islands, and of course, Guam.


Each team processed in behind a banner with their country or state name with two girls in local attire followed by the flag for their country, or in the case of the FSM, their respective state flags.  I saw one of my 8th grade students holding one of the country banners! Just like in the Olympics, the athletes all had a matching uniform to walk in with. Some of them were more fancy (as I hear Trevor says these days) than others. My favorite uniform was the Palau team. The fabric was very fun!

IMG_1818 IMG_1799


Towards the middle-end of the ceremonies, they had a Micronesian man who is a member of the U.S. Military parachute into the opening ceremonies. The crows went WILD! It was a huge hit, especially when he opened up a flag stating the opening of the 8th Micronesian games.



The event ended with a lighting of the Olympic torch carried by two more people in local dress and some dancing, which we were unable to see from our place in the stands. It was long, but very exciting to witness!


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